Flight, Migration, Integration in Europe

Currently, there are few issues that polarize Europe as much as the debate on flight, migration and integration. In 2016 alone, 1.2 million people submitted a first application for asylum in the European Union. At the same time, political positions of the individual countries could not be more different: questions on border protection, quotas, solidarity, identity, migration and integration are shaping the debate – divisively and emotionally.

In order to build bridges, in early 2017 the Friedrich Ebert Foundation launched a European-wide project "Flight, Migration, Integration in Europe". The project aims to:

  • provide an overview of national migration discourses; and contribute to a better mutual understanding of the individual migrations policies.
  • exchange integration experiences and best practices in the field of integration policy.
  • develop ideas and proposals for a common European migration and refugee policy.

To implement these goals, the FES project organizes events for European multipliers and decision-makers. We bring actors together and support networks. Our publications and scientific reports offer political consultancy.

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Teaser of the conference "Looking behind the culture of fear"

Fear and rejection of migrants and foreigners is so widespread in some European countries that it can be seen as a socially shared norm, while in other countries acceptance of migrants and ethno-racial diversity is a widely-shared value. With the recent wave of mass migration, these dissimilarities in attitudes have moved to the forefront of public discussion, and there is consequently a need for a deeper understanding of cross-national differences.


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| Flight, Migration, Integration in Europe, Flucht, Migration und Integration | Events, Veranstaltung

Looking behind the culture of fear

Fear and rejection of migrants and foreigners is so widespread in some European countries that it can be seen as a socially shared norm, while in...


| Flight, Migration, Integration in Europe | Events

Book Launch: „The Politics of Migration and the Future of the European Left”

Take a look at our newest collection of essays which take stock of how progressive political parties in Europe deal with migration.



Falter, Matthias; Stern, Verena

Fall elections in Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic and their impact on European migration policies

Budapest, 2018

Download publication (380 KB, PDF-File)

Guga, Simina

Insights from Romania

Is the Black Sea a relevant migration route?
Budapest, 2017

Download publication (150 KB, PDF-File)

Contact Persons

Timo Rinke

Project Director
Flight, Migration, Integration in Europe




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