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Social-political Dialogue

The anchoring of pluralism, the rule of law and social democracy in the state and society is an important issue for us. That is why we are addressing issues of pluralism, the rule of law and justice at our events. We also support political and civil society actors of social democracy in their renewal process and in the initiation of important socio-political discourses.

In this context, we have dealt extensively for several years with the development of right-wing extremism in Hungary as well as the currently growing right-wing populist tendencies. We are particularly interested in the socio-political causes and connections. But current political issues, such as the state of education and health care, are also taken up and discussed controversially.


19.02.2018 | Social-political Dialogue | Events

The far-right in Hungary

"The Hungarian Far Right - Social Demand, Political Supply, and International Context" is the first English-language book on right-wing extremism and...


| Social-political Dialogue | Events

Healthcare in a just society

“What should a national public healthcare system look like in a just society?” This was the key question of the panel discussion on January 30...



Bíró-Nagy, András; Györi, Gábor; Sebök, Miklos

Hungarian politics in 2017

Budapest, 2018

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Marsovszky, Magdalena

Entliberalisierung des Demos und die Neuordnung Europas

Warum eine Kooperation der Oppositionsparteien in Ungarn mit Jobbik demokratiefeindliche Tendenzen legitimieren würde
Budapest, 2017

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Social Policy Dialogue and European Integration



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