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Europe on the social road – community for the society, with the people

"Fundamental social rights take precedence over economic interests. They are a cornerstone of a social Europe." With these words, Reiner Hoffmann, chairman of the German Trade Union Confederation (DBG), stressed the need for social progress in Europe. This was also the leading theme of the discussion forum "Social Future of Europe", held in Budapest on 10th March 2018, in cooperation between the Hungarian Trade Union Confederation (MASZSZ) and the FES Office in Budapest.

The discussion focused on the just and sustainable development of economic and social policies in Hungary and Europe, with a debate over the future of European integration, the end of austerity policies and increased trade union cooperation. Experts from the field of politics and trade union were invited to express their opinion in this regard. Reiner Hoffmann, chairman of the German Trade Union Confederation (DBG), started with his keynote address and gave an overview of current developments in European economic and social policy. He stressed that more social participation and equal opportunities are needed at European level to promote sustainable social policies within Europe.

In a subsequent speech, László Kordás, President of the Hungarian Trade Union Confederation (MASZSZ), presented the trade union perspective on the current situation of workers in Hungary and  presumable challenges in the future. As next speaker, László Andor, former EU Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, shared perspectives and new approaches to promote social policies within the EU Member States. Alongside current economic and social policy issues, the trade union perspective on precarious employment of workers in Hungary and Europe was also put up for debate.

Summing up, the event highlighted the plight of the European Union in terms of social change and fair and equitable participation. Reforms for sustainable economic and social policy are essential to ensure social and economic progress, both in Hungary and in Europe. In this respect, the discussion forum was a valuable contribution to a better understanding of the current situation and gave an insight into the future challenges for a fairer and social Europe.


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