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Five years into Russian-Ukrainian conflict: What role for the West?

Five years after the annexation of Crimean and the outbreak of an armed conflict in the Donbas region, there is apparently no sign of change in the situation in Ukraine. Not even the Minsk Process could help to resolve the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. Ukraine is involved in an armed conflict and the image of a united nation is beginning to disintegrate.

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However, new factors may have an effect on this "frozen conflict" and on future developments: the current status quo could change with the newly elected president of Ukraine, the "fatigue" Ukrainian political elite may gain fresh momentum, Western institutions and organizations such as the OSCE could help improving the current situation. The Russian-Ukrainian conflict is a multidimensional and complex phenomenon that can only be solved through an open and transparent dialogue between all parties involved. If this fails, the boundary between politics and war could change for the worse and the chances for the instrumentalization of a proxy war would increase further on.


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