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Hungarian Politics 2018

The yearbook "Hungarian Politics" is a joint annual review published by the think tank Policy Solutions and Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung since 2014. The publication gives an in-depth analysis on five broad areas, first the main reasons behind the re-election of Prime Minister Viktor Orban's Fidesz party.

© FES Budapest

© FES Budapest

The second section looks at the political dynamics associated with the re-election and the state of the opposition parties. The third section focuses on Hungary's foreign policy, in particular on its relationship with the European Union. The fourth section takes a look at the economic trends in Hungary in past year. In light of its current significance, special attention is paid is to the amendment of the Overtime Act, dubbed “ the slave law”, introduced at the end of the last year. Finally, the fifth section focuses on key issues associated with the Hungarian society, such as changes in the media landscape, current developments in the education system (including the cause CEU), and the on-going "Stop Soros" campaign. All of the sections conclude with an outlook for the coming year.

The public presentation of the yearbook took place at a panel discussion on January 18, 2019. The panelists represented politics (Timea Szabó), economics (Ákos Péter Bod) and the trade unions (László Kordás).

The publication can be downloaded from here: Hungarian Poltics 2018


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