Monday, 30.03.20

The epidemic highlights system errors

Friedrich Ebert Foundation continued online its talks on the economic and health consequences of the coronavirus epidemic. #FESBPgoesonline

Gyula Gilly

Gyula Kincses

The coronavirus epidemic is not yet over, but the economy and society cannot return to where they once were. Health systems need to be redesigned for similar epidemics in the future. We must learn to appriciate the underpaid heroes of the epidemic. Relocation procedues can start within globalised ecosystem. Whole sectors need to redesign their activities. In the meantime, we also need to realize how dependent we are to certain global players and what can be done to prevent this dependency.

The series of joint discussions of Friedrich Ebert Foundation and New Equality continued online: Gyula Gilly, health economist; Gyula Kincses, president of the Hungarian Medical Chamber; Alexandra Köves, economist, editor of New Equality and Gábor Scheiring, economist and researcher at Bocconi University talked about the health and economic consequences of the epidemic.

The event was streamed by Mé

You can watch a short summary video here.


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