Monday, 28.10.19 - Európai Ifjúsági Központ, 1024-Budapest, Zivatar utca 1. | Flight, Migration, Integration in Europe | Events, News

Differences that Matter - International Conference Measuring Refugee Integration

How to integrate refugees? MP Aydan Özoğuz, former German Minister of State for Integration, will discuss this issue among other experts in Budapest.


Thursday, 24.10.19 - Muzikum Klub | Social-political Dialogue, Gesellschaftspolitischer Dialog | Events, Veranstaltung

The economical alternatives of the neoliberal economic policy

What is the neoliberal economic policy? For what powertechnical and sociologycal reasons does it play an important role in Hungary and in the world?...


| European Integration, Európai integráció, Europäische Integration | Rendezvények, Events, Veranstaltung

In or out? The Politics of Euro Accession for Eastern European Member States

While different models for reforming the Euro-currency union are being broadly discussed, the fact that another six countries are supposed to enter...


Tuesday, 10.09.19 - Hotel Benczúr | Social-political Dialogue | Events

Successful environmental movements in the EU - Political identity of green movements

Is there a successful environmental movement in Europe and what is its relationship to traditional political ideologies and groups? On September 10,...


| Flight, Migration, Integration in Europe | News, Publikation, Events

Pragmatism, not Dogmatism

What Germans think about migration: A summary of the study.


| Gazdaság- és szociálpolitika, szakszervezeti együttműködés, Economic and Social Policy, Trade Union Cooperation, Wirtschafts- und Sozialpolitik | Rendezvények, Events, Veranstaltung, Publikation

The Future of Employment in the Automotive Industry in Central and Eastern Europe

The Automotive Sector in Upheaval

The automotive industry is of enormous economic importance for the Visegrad countries and Romania. In addition, it...


28.06.2019 | Flight, Migration, Integration in Europe | Publikation, Events

Irregular Migration and Smuggling of Migrants along the Balkan Route

A new publication compares the patterns of irregular migration in South East Europe from 2011 - 2017


Wednesday, 19.06.19 - Kossuth Klub | Economic and Social Policy, Trade Union Cooperation | Events

Wage convergence in Hungary – the record of the past ten years in a regional comparison

On average, wages in Hungary remain in the lower third of the EU 15. Although there have been significant increase in wages in recent years, the...


06.06.2019 | Flight, Migration, Integration in Europe | News, Events

Europe’s Migration Myths

A new guide tries to clear up common misconceptions on migration – by checking both pro as well as anti-migration arguments.


Monday, 13.05.19 - CEU-CENS | Social-political Dialogue | Events

Five years into Russian-Ukrainian conflict: What role for the West?

Five years after the annexation of Crimean and the outbreak of an armed conflict in the Donbas region, there is apparently no sign of change in the...


Tuesday, 07.05.19 - CEU-CENS | Social-political Dialogue | Events

NATO@70: The Road Ahead

4. April 2019 marked the 70th anniversary of NATO. The joint event of FES-Budapest and CEU-CENS titled "NATO @ 70: The Road Ahead" revolved around...


| Flight, Migration, Integration in Europe | News, Events

Achieving Progressive Narratives on Migration in Europe

Read our new publication on how to shape the political discourse on migration in a progressive way.


04.04.2019 | Flight, Migration, Integration in Europe | News, Events

After the “migration crisis”

Mapping European attitudes towards migration. Read the results of the new FES study.


04.04.2019 | Flight, Migration, Integration in Europe | News, Events

What do Europeans think about migration online?

A Social Media Intelligence Report looks at all 28 EU member states over the period of one year. Here are the results


Monday, 01.04.19 - Hotel Korona | Economic and Social Policy, Trade Union Cooperation | Events

The workers' rights in Europe and Hungary

"The workers' rights in Europe and Hungary" was the title of the panel discussion hosted jointly by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation and the...


Thursday, 04.04.19 - Brussels | Flight, Migration, Integration in Europe | Events

What do Europeans think about migration online and offline?

04.04.2019, Presentation and Discussion, 10h00 – 12h30 (registration from 9:45)


22.01.2019 | Flight, Migration, Integration in Europe | Events, News

The Swiss Asylum Procedure: A Future Model for Europe?

In March, Switzerland will introduce a new asylum procedure. Dr. Constantin Hruschka analyses the changes.


Friday, 18.01.19 - BMC | Social-political Dialogue | Events

Hungarian Politics 2018

The yearbook "Hungarian Politics" is a joint annual review published by the think tank Policy Solutions and Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung since 2014. The...


Thursday, 06.12.18 - Rome | Flight, Migration, Integration in Europe | Events

Conference: External borders and internal divisions of Europe

Policies and politics of migration


Friday, 16.11.18 | Flight, Migration, Integration in Europe | Events

Screening „Styx”

A parable for European responsibility


Wednesday, 17.10.18 - Politikatörténeti Intézet | Social-political Dialogue | Events

Marx (1818-2018): Central and Eastern European Perspectives

2018 marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of Karl Marx, the important social theorist and eponym of Marxism. With his societal studies and theory...


Tuesday, 09.10.18 to Wednesday, 10.10.18 - Bratislava | Flight, Migration, Integration in Europe, Flucht, Migration und Integration, Menekültügy, migráció, integráció Európában | Events, Rendezvények, Veranstaltung

Forum on Integration

Forum on Integration – Bratislava - 09.10. – 10.10.2018


Europe experienced a large inflow of migration over the last years, the asylum numbers have...


| Flight, Migration, Integration in Europe | News, Events

New publication: On Europe’s External Southern Borders – Situation Report on Migration Management

How is migration managed at the external southern borders of Europe? Read our case studies from Greece, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Croatia & Bulgaria.


Tuesday, 26.06.18 | Social-political Dialogue | Events

The political compass of the Hungarian society

What does the value system of Hungarian society look like? This was the center point of the conference organized by the Policy Solutions Political...


Thursday, 21.06.18 - FES | Economic and Social Policy, Trade Union Cooperation | Events

Expert discussion on the current state of trade unions

The Hungarian trade union landscape is severely fragmented with more than 1,000 registered unions. The fall of membership levels over the past years...


Thursday, 14.06.18 - Premier Kultcafé | Events

Fear eats up the soul

„Fear eats up the soul” was the title of the conference organised by the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung on 14 July 2018. Four renowned researchers, Tamás...


Thursday, 31.05.18 - MASZSZ | Economic and Social Policy, Trade Union Cooperation | Events

Presentation of the 2017 Hungarian minimum subsistence figures

Since 2015, when the Central Statistical Office (KSH) decided to stop the collection and disclosure of minimum subsistence data, the...


Wednesday, 30.05.18 - Kossuth Klub | Gender equality in East-Central Europe, Nemek közötti igazságosság Kelet-Közép-Európában, Geschlechtergerechtigkeit | Rendezvények, Events, Veranstaltung

The Economics of Care and its Growing Importance

Care for children, the sick and the elderly – still done mostly by women – is an elementary function in our society, which provides a basis for the...


Thursday, 17.05.18 | Gender equality in East-Central Europe | Events

Women’s affairs 2018 – Expectations regarding women and women’s expectations in Hungary

It often seems as if in Hungary the reality experienced by women hardly coincides with the public discourse on the situation of women in society....


Wednesday, 11.04.18 - CEU | Social-political Dialogue | Events

Hungary after the election - Questions and answers to the electoral system

At the Hungarian parliamentary election on 8 April 2018 , the governing parties unexpectedly secured a third consecutive parliamentary two-thirds...


Wednesday, 28.03.18 - CEU | Social-political Dialogue | Events

Ukraine and the V4 countries face a crisis: What happens next?

Geographically, the Visegrád Group countries are the gateway to Europe for Ukraine. As a neighboring country, Ukraine has an important impact on...


Tuesday, 27.03.18 - Kossuth Klub | Economic and Social Policy, Trade Union Cooperation | Events

Development of wages in Europe: can we call it a success story?

In recent years, wage levels increased sharply in Central and East European economies. How sustainable is this positive trend and when can we expect a...


Monday, 26.03.18 - Közgarden | Economic and Social Policy, Trade Union Cooperation | Events

What are trade unions doing for the youth of Europe?

On March 26, 2018, the FES Budapest office held a panel discussion on European youth policy and trade unions. The panelists included young union...


19.03.2018 | Economic and Social Policy, Trade Union Cooperation | Events

The changing role of women - from women in the Jacobin movement to the trade union of female roboters

One day before International Women's Day on March 7, trade union representatives met in Budapest to discuss women's role in today's society. The...


Saturday, 10.03.18 - Kossuth Klub | Economic and Social Policy, Trade Union Cooperation | Events

Europe on the social road – community for the society, with the people

"Fundamental social rights take precedence over economic interests. They are a cornerstone of a social Europe." With these words, Reiner Hoffmann,...



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