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Flight, Migration, Integration in Europe

Currently, there are few issues that polarize Europe as much as the debate on flight, migration and integration. In 2016 alone, 1.2 million people submitted a first application for asylum in the European Union. At the same time, political positions of the individual countries could not be more different: questions on border protection, quotas, solidarity, identity, migration and integration are shaping the debate – divisively and emotionally.

In order to build bridges, in early 2017 the Friedrich Ebert Foundation launched a European-wide project "Flight, Migration, Integration in Europe". The project aims to:

  • provide an overview of national migration discourses; and contribute to a better mutual understanding of the individual migrations policies.
  • exchange integration experiences and best practices in the field of integration policy.
  • develop ideas and proposals for a common European migration and refugee policy.

To implement these goals, the FES project organizes events for European multipliers and decision-makers. We bring actors together and support networks. Our publications and scientific reports offer political consultancy.

From our Media

"Looking behind the culture of fear"

Fear and rejection of migrants and foreigners is so widespread in some European countries that it can be seen as a socially shared norm, while in other countries acceptance of migrants and ethno-racial diversity is a widely-shared value. With the recent wave of mass migration, these dissimilarities in attitudes have moved to the forefront of public discussion, and there is consequently a need for a deeper understanding of cross-national differences.

Please find the full report here.

Migration Talk Budapest "The Duty to be Generous"

The talk addresses the ways in which “the West”, has mainstreamed its responsibilities to provide asylum to the needy by leaning heavily on human rights and refugee asylum laws.

The event in Budapest is part of "Migration Talks", a series of lectures across the continent held by visionaries of the European idea of migration. The interdisciplinary lecture series with prominent intellectuals is organized by the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung to debate innovative and problem-solving solutions for a fair, innovative migration management system.


Thursday, 06.12.18 - Rome | Flight, Migration, Integration in Europe | Events

Conference: External borders and internal divisions of Europe

Policies and politics of migration


Friday, 16.11.18 | Flight, Migration, Integration in Europe | Events

Screening „Styx”

A parable for European responsibility



On Europe's external Southern borders

Situation report on migration management
Budapest, 2018

Download publication (1,1 MB PDF-File)

Us vs. them in Central and Eastern Europe

Populism, the refugee other and the re-consideration of national identity
Budapest, 2018

Download publication (1,5 MB PDF-File)

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Timo Rinke

Project Director
Flight, Migration, Integration in Europe




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