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Gender equality in East-Central Europe

We treat different aspects of gender equality as a regional cross-cutting theme and therefore organize events in all Visegrád and Baltic countries. At national and European level, discussions around the questions of gender equality are very controversial. Against this background, we are concerned with the reasons for these tendencies and are trying to provide answers with civil society, scientific and political actors.

We are concentrating on the socio-economic integration of social problems, on social-democratic responses, and on the strengthening of left-feminist actors and narratives.


Wednesday, 30.05.18 - Kossuth Klub | Gender equality in East-Central Europe, Nemek közötti igazságosság Kelet-Közép-Európában, Geschlechtergerechtigkeit | Rendezvények, Events, Veranstaltung

The Economics of Care and its Growing Importance

Care for children, the sick and the elderly – still done mostly by women – is an elementary function in our society, which provides a basis for the...


Thursday, 17.05.18 | Gender equality in East-Central Europe | Events

Women’s affairs 2018 – Expectations regarding women and women’s expectations in Hungary

It often seems as if in Hungary the reality experienced by women hardly coincides with the public discourse on the situation of women in society....



Gregor, Anikó; Kováts, Eszter

Nőügyek 2018

Társadalmi problémák és megoldási stratégiák : A kutatási eredmények összefoglalója
Budapest, 2018

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Gregor, Anikó; Kováts, Eszter

Women's affairs 2018

Societal problems and solution strategies in Hungary
Budapest, 2018

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Policy Officer
Gender Equality in East-Central Europe



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