Proposals for a new growth model - Richard Grieveson, Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies

Prof. Andreas Nölke, Goethe University Frankfurt on FDI – Dependent Capitalism in CEE

Prof. Zoltán Gál, University of Pécs on Foreign Direct Investment – Dependent Capitalism in CEE

Professor Marcel Lewandowsky University of Florida in the joint FES-Andrássy University online event on 17th March.

Benchmarking Working Europe 2020

Nicola Countouris: Major EU trends and BME 2020 messages

Torsten Müller: Fair minimum wages and collective bargaining: a key to recovery

The retreat of liberal democracy - Authoritarian capitalism and the accumulative state in Hungary

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Gábor Scheiring presenting his book

The statements of Krisztina Sőreg and Don Kalb

Hungarian Politics in 2020


Richard G Wilkinson Inequality, what to do Economic democracy

Richard G Wilkinson Inequality, trust, social mobility

Richard G Wilkinson Inequality, health and social problems

Richard G Wilkinson Inequality, sustainability

Tomáš Sedláček keynote in FES-Equilibrium Institute event 9th November 2020.


Tomáš Sedláček on historical choices in FES-Equilibrium Institute event 9th November 2020

Tomáš Sedláček on the correlation between trust and wealth in the modern societies

Populism, trust in political actors and electoral success: Keynote of Francis Fukuyama


Francis Fukuyama on the need for a positive version of “national identity”

Frankcis Fukuyama on the need to understand milieus outside ones own bubbles

HIGH EXPECTATIONS FOR GERMANY - The Council Presidency at a Pivotal Moment for the EU. Zooming_in Panel Discussion, July 14th 2020


Norbert Walter-Borjans at our Zooming event on 14 May 2020

What Corona teaches us about health services

Conditions under which the state may rescue companies

Privatization and the role of the State

Lessons learned from the financial crisis


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