Migration narratives in Europe

Through conversations on public social media : A Bakamo public project for the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung
Budapest, 2019

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Messing, Vera; Ságvári, Bence

Still divided but more open

Mapping European attitudes towards migration before and after the migration crisis
Budapest, 2019

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Hruschka, Constantin

The Swiss asylum procedure

A future model for Europe?
Budapest, 2019

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Hruschka, Constantin

Das Schweizer Asylverfahren

Ein Zukunftsmodell für Europa?
Budapest, 2019

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Bíró-Nagy, András; Györi, Gábor; Sebök, Miklos

Hungarian politics in 2018

Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Policy Solutions ; editor: András Bíró-Nagy ; main author: Gábor Györi ; contributing authors: András Bíró-Nagy, Miklós Sebök. - Budapest : Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Policy Solutions, 2018<
Budapest, 2019

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On Europe's external Southern borders

Situation report on migration management
Budapest, 2018

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Us vs. them in Central and Eastern Europe

Populism, the refugee other and the re-consideration of national identity
Budapest, 2018

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Meszmann, T. Tibor; Fedyuk, Oléna

Temporary agency work as a form and channel of labour migration in Hungary

Tibor T. Meszmann, in cooperation with Olena Fedyuk. - Budapest : Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Budapest Office, [2018]<
Budapest, 2018

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Félelmek a munka világában

Közösség ereje segít, ha nem félsz segítséget kérni
Budapest, 2018

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Boros, Tamás; Laki, Gergely

The Hungarian dream

What kind of future do Hungarians dream of for themselves and for their country?
Budapest, 2018

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