Dienstag, 14.09.21 - Hybrid Meeting

Interests and Ideology

Please register here for the next event of the series “Possibilities of social compromise in Hungary” with the title: „Interests and Ideology”

Today’s Hungarian public live is driven by raw, short-term interests. However, a well functioning society can only be built along visions, long-term, coherent thinking, ie. ideologies. What can be done to revise ideologies? What are the connections between visions and reality perceptions?

What forces a politician  to be short-termed? Our guests: András Bíró-Nagy   (political scientist, editor of Új Egyenlőség), Bernadett Szél  (politician, independent , Bertalan Tóth   (politician, Co-President of MSZP).

  • Date: 14. September 2021 18:00 h
  • Venue: Hotel Benczúr
  • Language(s): Hungarian 
  • Partner: Új Egyenlőség
  • Registration for personal participation: here.
  • Registration for online participation: here.





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